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ANIMAL TALK -- Carolyn's FANTASY entry in Thousand Prompts Contest



Carolyn Chambers Clark

I'm taking my dog for a walk—or rather, she's taking me. She's a Swedish Elkhound and stronger than I am. My arm is straight out in front of me and although I'm yanking back, I can feel her pulling against my shoulder joint.
"Slow down, Lina!" I shout, but she keeps on going.
Very strange. She's never acted this way before.
She looks a little like a wolf and has tightly curled her tail like she means business. When she's relaxed, her tail is softly curled or straight back. That tail and her quick stride make me think she's either in a hurry to find a place to pee or is hoping to meet that cute Doberman down the street.  Her ears are erect as if she's listening for something—probably the Doberman's low bark.
I know she understands what I'm saying, but sometimes I really wish I could understand what she means.
Lina's strutting her stuff and making her double coat of grey, white and some black look glossy and stiff. She has the most beautiful brown eyes, when she's looking at me in adoration, but not so much right now, when she just glances back at me and tugs on the leash as if to say, "Hurry up, slow poke. I've got a date."
The dog shakes her white muzzle at me as if I'm not to be believed. She's usually calm and affectionate with me, but I've seen her dominate an Irish setter and make him lie on the ground, totally submissive. I took her out in the woods once, and she's a great hunter and didn't even flinch when Dad shot his gun at a duck she'd cornered.
She usually loves to please me, but today, she's determined to get somewhere and fast. Maybe she just needs more exercise.
I guess those sled dogs are built for speed and strength, not that I don't lift weights and play tennis a couple of times a week, but Lina is still stronger. Hmm...maybe she needs to be brushed. Her coat does look awfully thick.
Even though I've been teaching her to heel and lie down, right now, she's pulling on her leash and making me almost run down the street in my small Wisconsin town. I guess I'm just lucky we're going downhill toward Lake Superior, and not up.
"Slow down, Lina. This isn't a race."
She glances back at me and narrows her eyes as if she thinks I'm not too bright.
Lina has always been a highly intelligent dog, sometimes smarter than I am, like the time I forgot to lock the gate on the porch and she got out and got pregnant. Of course, the vet goofed when I took her in to see why she wasn't eating and seemed moody. He said she had a tumor and needed surgery. Stupid me went along with his diagnosis. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten a second opinion.
When I went back to pick her up after surgery, the vet told me she'd been pregnant, but the puppies were too young to survive.
I feel so sorry for her. Now, she'll never be able to experience being a mother. Then again, I guess there are too many dogs on the planet already, but none as beautiful and smart as Lina.
She starts a slow growl that turns into a voice that reminds me of my older sister, Elle. "Yes, and that wasn't the only mistake he made. When he put me in a cage with a male Labrador, I had to wrestle down that retriever before he'd let me alone."
Heart pounding, I stop abruptly and so does Lina. "Who—who said that?"
She turns her head around so I can see her mouth move. "I did, Tootsie. Don't you think we dogs know what's going on? I could tell you some stories that would make your hair stand on end."
I yank on her leash and wonder if I took my mom's anti-depressant pills instead of my multi-vitamin this morning. I think I read somewhere they could make you hallucinate. "What? What? Dogs can't talk—at least not on this planet."
"My dear girl, where have you been? You didn't take your mother's pills. And here's another thing. If you didn't spend so much time swooning over that Neanderthal captain of the football team, you'd listen to me once in a while. I can sniff out a loser and he's one for sure."
I reach down and pet her head. "How could I listen to you? You've never talked to me before."
Lina strains against the leash."Puff, I say. I have. At least I've tried to, but it's only now that you've been able to hear me."
"Don't you think that's odd, that I can only hear you now?" My mouth is so dry by now. I blink and pinch myself and try to figure out if I'm dreaming all this.
All red and beautiful, a male cardinal flies down out of oak tree and nearly gets tangled in my French braid. Somehow, he flutters by my ear. "Listen to Lina. She's an all right dog. She lets me sit on her head when that evil cat is around. Lina protects me from all kinds of meanies." The cardinal flies away, back to the top of the twenty-foot oak at the end of the block.
I'm shaking. "What is this? Birds can talk, too?" I stare at Lina as if she's going to answer.
She does. "My dear, all animals have bigger brains than you humans believe. Why look at how the dolphins at Sea World outplayed your best chess player."
"They did? They have?"
Lina shakes her head at me. "You should keep up with the news. Humans have always downplayed our intelligence and used us for pack animals, lab experiments, pistol practice, food and worse. I wouldn't be speaking to you at all if you weren't a good person and hadn't fed me organic treats and given me a cotton pillow to lie on."
"Thank you, but what's different now? How come I can hear you?"
Lina shakes her fur and uncurls her tail a bit. "That I don't know. It's not every day that a bird talks. Something is up and you better find out what, because I sense a small uprising in the near future." (1076 words)

Would you read a novel that started this way? Why or why not? What would have to be in it to hold your interest?

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FREE romantic fantasy e-book...only two days left

ANGEL IN COWBOY BOOTS is a romantic fantasy that we're offering for free today and tomorrow!

In this romantic fantasy, Adam might be a cowboy, the man of Kelly Porter's dreams, or an angel who's up to his eyeballs in Heavenly trouble. With the Heavenly clock ticking, Kelly has to find out and Adam has to prove to his bosses that he can help her find a man who will set her on the right track again.

But...will she fall for Adam or the real man of her dreams?

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Books we're working on...and a free giveaway of CANDY, MURDER & ME

Carolyn has finished the agent-requested revisions for her YA supernatural fantasy and is awaiting a response from the agent.

We've completed the revisions on our YA romance and getting ready to send it out to agents.

Until the end of October, we're offering 10 free copies of our cozy mystery, CANDY, MURDER & ME.

How do you  get in on the drawing? Simple.

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Books we're working on now and a FREE e-book, too!

Carolyn is finishing revisions on a supernatural suspense story for young adults. Think Down a Dark Hall. This one has agent interest, so we'll be resubmitting to her as soon as the revisions are done. Cross your fingers.

Carolyn is finishing up a young adult romantic comedy. More about that when we decide whether to go Indie or traditional route with that one.

Tony and Carolyn are spiffing up a coming of age story for boys, based on Tony's life in NJ in the l950s.

Meanwhile, we're offering a FREE COPY of Forensics by the Numbers this month. Here's a brief description:

Feisty forensic nurse examiner at NYC's busiest hospital for assault and murder cases, Jewel Connor has a talent for getting late night assignments and sparring with the egotistical cop on her investigative team. When her DA-friend turns up on the examining table, dying, Jewel searches for an explanation with an assist from her millionaire husband and attack dog, Max. Secrets from her past threaten to erupt and she has no control over what will happen then. Her cop partner warns her to stay out of the investigation, but Jewel ignores him. If she doesn't watch out, she may soon end up on a forensic examiner's table herself.

To receive a free copy of FORENSICS BY THE NUMBERS, tweet about the contest, including copying the address for this web site and copy in the address of your Tweet in a comment below

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Who's Zooming Into June with a Free Book?

Zoom into June by adding a comment to our blog and win a free copy of the e-book of your choice. Just choose any of the books running down the right hand side of the page. Click on it for more info, including a description. Happy reading!

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Guess who's taking to the courts and win a free e-book if you're right

Can you guess who these two pros, I mean novices, are? You tennis fans out there. Here's a question or two for you. How are their strokes? Do they measure up? What shot is each one attempting to hit? Guess correctly who's swinging the rackets OR which stroke each one is trying to hit and win a free e-book of your choice from our list. Find our e-book titles running down the right hand side of the page. Enter your guess as a comment below this post and then cross your fingers that you're right! Happy guessing!!

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Who's going to the Indie Mystery/Thriller Blog Hop?

Hurray! We're going to the Indie Mystery/Thriller Blog Hop. And no one even twisted our arm...well, maybe once. In the interest of that fine goal, here's a post of a sterling review of our book, FORENSICS BY THE NUMBERS. We copied this review from Forensic Examiner where we found it in the Book Review section from the Winter 2012/Spring 2013 issue. It was written by Julie Brooks, Senior Editor. And we didn't even have to pay her...

"Forensics By the Numbers: A Jewel Conner Mystery is based on the science and investigative practices of our nation’s forensic experts. Drawing on their experiences as a forensic nurse examiner and weapons renovation specialist, Carolyn Chambers Clark and Anthony Auriemma weave a tale of intrigue that gives readers an inside peek into the world of forensic investigation.

Written from the perspective of forensic nurse, Jewel Conner, Forensics By the Numbers provides a realistic story grounded in the experiences of someone from the field of forensics.

As a New York City forensic nurse examiner, Jewel Conner understands all too well why New York is known as “the city that never sleeps.” On her way home from yet another late night shift collecting evidence and examining a domestic violence victim, Jewel gets a call from her boss. Paramedics brought in another victim. Alive, but barely. Back-to-back shifts are common in Jewel’s line of work, but this case is different. The victim is her best friend—District Attorney, Sara Jenkins.

In her fifteen years as a forensic nurse examiner, Jewel has examined women of all types, but she has never before been faced with examining a friend. However, being a professional, Jewel collects evidence and questions Sara until, to Jewel’s horror, Sara goes into cardiac arrest. When Sara dies on the operating table, Jewel vows to find her friend’s killer. Before Jewel can even begin her investigation, another victim is found attacked in the same manner as Sara. Then another one of Jewel’s friends goes missing.

When clues begin to point to a convicted serial killer Jewel helped put away, she begins to fear that the killer will be coming after her next. In order to focus on her work and solve the case, Jewel is forced to fight back some haunting memories from her past. The lead detective of the investigation agrees to give Jewel protection, but refuses to give her access to information or make her a part of the official case.

Not one to give up, Jewel seeks help from her husband, Burk, the millionaire software developer with a mysterious past he refuses to talk about. The pair of newlywed sleuths and their loyal German Shepherd uncover a tangled web of facts that casts suspicion on some unexpected people.

Burk is able to track down some clues to the case through sources he won’t divulge, which raises a few questions in Jewel’s mind about the man she married. While Burk consults a network of inscrutable informants, Jewel uses the science of forensics to find the killer before he can kill again. Between the threatening messages and enigmatic clues they’ve uncovered, Jewel and Burk realize they can’t trust anyone to help them. They soon find themselves running not only from the killer but the police as well. Jewel and Burk are in a race for survival. Will they be able to find the killer before he finds them? This book provides a suspenseful conclusion that few readers will see coming.

Veteran authors Carolyn Chambers Clark and Anthony Auriemma have created a fast-paced story full of surprising plot twists. The authors deftly interweave the main thread of the story with the underlying issues of everyday life. The characters are well thought out and complex. Jewel is a tenacious investigator who really cares for the victims she is trying to help. Her husband Burk provides the anchor of support Jewel needs to remain grounded and optimistic.

Clark and Auriemma provide a book that offers a real understanding of the work of forensic examiners while providing an entertaining storyline and dashes of humor. They describe the culture and tactics of this world vividly and with an attention to detail that gives readers a better understanding of this captivating field. Gripping from page one, this book will keep you guessing until the very end."

To get this novel full of "an entertaining storyline and dashes of humor," scroll down or to get there before tomorrow, keep pushing down on the Page Down button, and keep looking in the right column until you get to FORENSICS by the NUMBERS and then click on the cover. Through the magic of the internet, you'll be transported to the page for that very book. Ah, magic, don't you just love it?

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Who had a great time at the Englewood Book Fair?

Yes, the wind kept blowing everyone's stuff onto the ground, and yes, it was a little cool, but the people were great.

Can you tell I'm wearing two of my tennis warmup suits, one on top of the other? A couple from Michigan who came from zero degrees said it felt warm. I guess that's why they were in shorts.

Here's a picture of me at the fair with my health/self-care books and our e-book list.

Wish you'd been there yesterday so we could have chatted. Next time, I'll let you know before it happens! Okay?

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How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Partner

Is your relationship with your partner all you want it to be, the relationship you deserve?

After 30 years of working with couples, I've answered some of the most asked questions in this Couple Communication ebook:

*What 1 element is critical to effective communication?

*What factors always affect couple communication?

*What can you do to enhance communication with your partner?

*Which questions are sure to hamper clear communication?

*What can you say and do to enhance closeness and intimacy?

and much, much more............. Does this sound like something you'd like to know more about?

If it does, left double click on the Couple Communication cover to your right for information on how to buy it.

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New Review of Candy, Murder & Me

Here's a new review of our book Candy, Murder and Me by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite

"Candy, Murder & Me" by Carolyn Chambers Clark and Anthony Auriemma ... has some wackiness, some mystery, some romance and lots of good recipes.

Cookie Berelli is a full-figure dress designer and the main star of the book. There is a large supporting staff: Sam Falcone, the dead PI guy; Rhonda, Sam’s assistant and in charge of running his PI office; Joey, the big brother always available to help Cookie out of her predicaments; the evil man with the gold tooth; and other good and bad guys we meet throughout "Candy, Murder & Me".

The main plot is about clearing Cookie of the embezzlement charges that her boss has accused her of and finding the killer of Sam Falcone, the PI Cookie hired to clear her name. Cookie and Rhonda form a partnership trying to piece together the few clues they have to track down the murderer. They are forced to flee from a mysterious man in a black limo, run from a scary man with a gold tooth, break into the designer company, and steal a truck.

"Candy, Murder & Me" is a fun book. Fans of the Stephanie Plum books will see the same type of characters in this book and will really enjoy the story. It is a light read written with humor but with a serious side to it. An added bonus is the many delicious recipes sprinkled throughout the book. You can’t stop yourself from pausing and hitting your candy stash while reading this one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Couple Communication is published!

Communicating with your partner isn't always easy.

It's true, communicating with partner takes work and requires learning specific skills, especially negotiation.

I wrote this couple communication e-book to provide the information you need to make your communication with your partner the best it can be.

Click on the cover of the book above and to your right for more info and to purchase.

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Free tips on building a successful web site

Find out how to build a successful web site.

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CANDY, MURDER and ME At Bargain Price Now!

In honor of the release of CANDY, MURDER and JUST DESSERTS (coming soon!) we're offering CANDY, MURDER and ME for $1.99.

Just go to and scroll down to CANDY, MURDER and ME. Click on buy and put in this code to get the $1.99 price:

Happy reading...and if you like it, please write a couple of sentences  at smashwords and/or amazon at Just scroll down to customer reviews...

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Well, Candy, Murder & Me doesn't exactly return. What's coming up is the second in the series of Candy and Murder mysteries, starring Mafalda Cookie Berelli and her psychoanalyst dog, Sigmund Freud.
We've been writing furiously, so we haven't posted for a while. But, we promise to remedy that and keep you up to date more often.
In the meantime, take a gander at the YouTube videos for some of our books to your right, and below that, click on the covers of the books that interest you. All of them run down the right column of this page. We've added a few new ones, so don't forget to check it out...

Keep reading!

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We're on YouTube!

For clips of our YouTube book cartoons-book trailers, look to your right. We're in the process of adding more video clips, so stay tuned.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Sunday, let's see what Cookie's cooking up in CANDY, MURDER & ME

Cookie Berelli, candy addict and amateur sleuth is resting today and cooking up her favorite, Bad Boy Meatballs and Red Spaghetti Sauce. Ummm...good...Find the recipe in CANDY, MURDER & ME.

Read sample chapter by clicking on the cover to your right.

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Political Thriller to Keep You On The Edge of Your Seat!

DARK SHADOW RISING is now available. Buy this political thriller that features a female and male sleuth team who investigate the deaths of their spouses, both well-known political power houses. When death turns into murder, the heat's on the pair to survive and find the killer. With time running out, they must put all the pieces of the puzzle together or lose all.

Click on the cover to your right for details, sample chapters, and to buy now!

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Love heart-warming, tear-jerking, dog stories? Check this one out. Click on the cover to your right for SAMMY AND ME: A G.I. AND HIS DOG IN VIETNAM.