Monday, December 1, 2014

DANGEROUS, new young adult novel Carolyn's finished

Hi All,

Today, I'm getting my new young adult thriller ready to send to an agent who requested the full manuscript after reading the first five pages.

This is exciting. Every time an agent requests a full, my little heart pounds like crazy. Could this be it? Will I get representation?

You never know.

DANGEROUS is about a younger sister who knows her older sis is dating a murderer. She has to figure out how to stop her, even though older sis is head over heals over this rich, handsome guy. Even though the police chief thinks she's crazy. After all, she's always reporting crimes that turn out to be simple misunderstandings.

Will Cassie get the evidence she needs to send this guy to jail before he kills her sister...and maybe her, too?

I'll let you know.

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