Friday, August 26, 2011

NEW MYSTERIES AND THRILLERS, including Dark Forces, a Creepy Thriller E-book

We have some new MYSTERIES AND THRILLER e-books on Kindle at and that you might want to take a look at. Click on the cover to the right for a description, sample chapters, and order info .

OUT OF BODY paranormal mystery
Is Cassidy Courtland dead or just out of body? And by the time she finds out, will the man who tried to murder her succeed? Click on the cover and read a chapter or two and see if you can figure it out.

DARK FORCES paranormal serial killer 

Is it a paranormal story, a serial murderer (or maybe two) on a rampage, or something else?
Creepy DARK FORCES will keep you guessing. Read some pages by clicking on the cover of the book and see if you can figure it out..

ARMED AND DANGEROUS international thriller.  Intelligence officer and ace motorcyclist, Captain Caitlin Stanwyck’s been handpicked for a special assignment to investigate the deaths of twenty U.S. women who died suspiciously in a U.S. Military Hospital in Germany. Only problem is, the more she investigates, the more danger she gets into to. What's she going to do? Click on the cover, read a few chapters, and see what would be her best move.

FORENSICS BY THE NUMBERS  forensic mystery thriller When forensic examiner, Jewel Connor has to examine her best friend, that can't be good. And what if the murderer is out to get her, too? Click on the cover and read some pages. See if you can figure out what she should do.

CANDY, MURDER & ME humorous cozy mystery with recipes . Cookie Berelli is in a whole pot of trouble and not even her dachshund companion, can help her out this time, but maybe a bite or two of Grandma Berelli pralines (worth going to jail for), or Cookies' maple candies (so good they're criminal) will help. Not if the murderer has anything to say about it...Click on the cover and read a chapter or two and enjoy this whacky story. 

VERTICAL STRIPS CAN KILL YOU cozy mystery. In this mystery, an Alexa Robb, Super-sized is Beautiful Mystery, Alexa shouldn't have been snooping around after work. If she hadn't been, she wouldn't have witnessed a murder. Now, she's just a loose end for the murderer to tie...Click on the cover and read a few chapters and see what you would do in Alexa's circumstances.

Keep on reading books and enjoy...


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