Monday, September 19, 2011

FREE cozy mystery + recipes e-book

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CANDY, MURDER, AND ME is an 80,000-word cozy mystery set in Florida, in and around a dress design company, which co-stars Sigmund Freud, a psychoanalyst dachshund.

When full-figure dress designer and candy addict Cookie Berelli discovers the PI she hired to clear her of embezzlement charges dead in her design studio, she investigates, to wacky results.

Recipes from her Norwegian and Italian heritage including Grandma Berelli’s Pralines (“Worth going to jail for”), Cookie’s Maple Candies (“So good they’re criminal”), Nana’s Kringlas (“To kill for”), Cookie's Chocolate Cover-Up Fudge ("Perfect for spying activities"), and Blood Red Spaghetti Sauce with Bad Boy Meatballs, among others, are available throughout the story to break up the mayhem.

Click on the cover of the book to your right to read a more indepth description of the book and sample chapters.

You only have to do 1 of the things mentioned below to win a free copy of CANDY, MURDER & ME and then send me a comment below with the link, tweet, or whatever you did to promote this contest in the comment section below.

Put a brief note on your blog, in a tweet, on face book, or in an email to at least 10 friends, telling readers about how every reader can win a free copy of CANDY MURDER & ME, a wacky cozy with recipes at then copy your post (or give me an address where I can view it) in the comment section below and I'll send you a copy of the book. Feel free to use all or some of this post in your note or email.

Good luck!


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