Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Review of Candy, Murder & Me

Here's a new review of our book Candy, Murder and Me by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite

"Candy, Murder & Me" by Carolyn Chambers Clark and Anthony Auriemma ... has some wackiness, some mystery, some romance and lots of good recipes.

Cookie Berelli is a full-figure dress designer and the main star of the book. There is a large supporting staff: Sam Falcone, the dead PI guy; Rhonda, Sam’s assistant and in charge of running his PI office; Joey, the big brother always available to help Cookie out of her predicaments; the evil man with the gold tooth; and other good and bad guys we meet throughout "Candy, Murder & Me".

The main plot is about clearing Cookie of the embezzlement charges that her boss has accused her of and finding the killer of Sam Falcone, the PI Cookie hired to clear her name. Cookie and Rhonda form a partnership trying to piece together the few clues they have to track down the murderer. They are forced to flee from a mysterious man in a black limo, run from a scary man with a gold tooth, break into the designer company, and steal a truck.

"Candy, Murder & Me" is a fun book. Fans of the Stephanie Plum books will see the same type of characters in this book and will really enjoy the story. It is a light read written with humor but with a serious side to it. An added bonus is the many delicious recipes sprinkled throughout the book. You can’t stop yourself from pausing and hitting your candy stash while reading this one.

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