Saturday, March 16, 2013

Who's going to the Indie Mystery/Thriller Blog Hop?

Hurray! We're going to the Indie Mystery/Thriller Blog Hop. And no one even twisted our arm...well, maybe once. In the interest of that fine goal, here's a post of a sterling review of our book, FORENSICS BY THE NUMBERS. We copied this review from Forensic Examiner where we found it in the Book Review section from the Winter 2012/Spring 2013 issue. It was written by Julie Brooks, Senior Editor. And we didn't even have to pay her...

"Forensics By the Numbers: A Jewel Conner Mystery is based on the science and investigative practices of our nation’s forensic experts. Drawing on their experiences as a forensic nurse examiner and weapons renovation specialist, Carolyn Chambers Clark and Anthony Auriemma weave a tale of intrigue that gives readers an inside peek into the world of forensic investigation.

Written from the perspective of forensic nurse, Jewel Conner, Forensics By the Numbers provides a realistic story grounded in the experiences of someone from the field of forensics.

As a New York City forensic nurse examiner, Jewel Conner understands all too well why New York is known as “the city that never sleeps.” On her way home from yet another late night shift collecting evidence and examining a domestic violence victim, Jewel gets a call from her boss. Paramedics brought in another victim. Alive, but barely. Back-to-back shifts are common in Jewel’s line of work, but this case is different. The victim is her best friend—District Attorney, Sara Jenkins.

In her fifteen years as a forensic nurse examiner, Jewel has examined women of all types, but she has never before been faced with examining a friend. However, being a professional, Jewel collects evidence and questions Sara until, to Jewel’s horror, Sara goes into cardiac arrest. When Sara dies on the operating table, Jewel vows to find her friend’s killer. Before Jewel can even begin her investigation, another victim is found attacked in the same manner as Sara. Then another one of Jewel’s friends goes missing.

When clues begin to point to a convicted serial killer Jewel helped put away, she begins to fear that the killer will be coming after her next. In order to focus on her work and solve the case, Jewel is forced to fight back some haunting memories from her past. The lead detective of the investigation agrees to give Jewel protection, but refuses to give her access to information or make her a part of the official case.

Not one to give up, Jewel seeks help from her husband, Burk, the millionaire software developer with a mysterious past he refuses to talk about. The pair of newlywed sleuths and their loyal German Shepherd uncover a tangled web of facts that casts suspicion on some unexpected people.

Burk is able to track down some clues to the case through sources he won’t divulge, which raises a few questions in Jewel’s mind about the man she married. While Burk consults a network of inscrutable informants, Jewel uses the science of forensics to find the killer before he can kill again. Between the threatening messages and enigmatic clues they’ve uncovered, Jewel and Burk realize they can’t trust anyone to help them. They soon find themselves running not only from the killer but the police as well. Jewel and Burk are in a race for survival. Will they be able to find the killer before he finds them? This book provides a suspenseful conclusion that few readers will see coming.

Veteran authors Carolyn Chambers Clark and Anthony Auriemma have created a fast-paced story full of surprising plot twists. The authors deftly interweave the main thread of the story with the underlying issues of everyday life. The characters are well thought out and complex. Jewel is a tenacious investigator who really cares for the victims she is trying to help. Her husband Burk provides the anchor of support Jewel needs to remain grounded and optimistic.

Clark and Auriemma provide a book that offers a real understanding of the work of forensic examiners while providing an entertaining storyline and dashes of humor. They describe the culture and tactics of this world vividly and with an attention to detail that gives readers a better understanding of this captivating field. Gripping from page one, this book will keep you guessing until the very end."

To get this novel full of "an entertaining storyline and dashes of humor," scroll down or to get there before tomorrow, keep pushing down on the Page Down button, and keep looking in the right column until you get to FORENSICS by the NUMBERS and then click on the cover. Through the magic of the internet, you'll be transported to the page for that very book. Ah, magic, don't you just love it?

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