Sunday, July 7, 2013

Books we're working on now and a FREE e-book, too!

Carolyn is finishing revisions on a supernatural suspense story for young adults. Think Down a Dark Hall. This one has agent interest, so we'll be resubmitting to her as soon as the revisions are done. Cross your fingers.

Carolyn is finishing up a young adult romantic comedy. More about that when we decide whether to go Indie or traditional route with that one.

Tony and Carolyn are spiffing up a coming of age story for boys, based on Tony's life in NJ in the l950s.

Meanwhile, we're offering a FREE COPY of Forensics by the Numbers this month. Here's a brief description:

Feisty forensic nurse examiner at NYC's busiest hospital for assault and murder cases, Jewel Connor has a talent for getting late night assignments and sparring with the egotistical cop on her investigative team. When her DA-friend turns up on the examining table, dying, Jewel searches for an explanation with an assist from her millionaire husband and attack dog, Max. Secrets from her past threaten to erupt and she has no control over what will happen then. Her cop partner warns her to stay out of the investigation, but Jewel ignores him. If she doesn't watch out, she may soon end up on a forensic examiner's table herself.

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