Friday, July 29, 2011

NEW YOUNG ADULT EBOOKS and Books and plots you love to read...

If you love to read young adult books, here are some we've written. Just click on the book covers to your right and you'll get a more indepth description as well as sample chapters.

DANCING WITH A VAMPIRE: A PARANORMAL ROMANCE. Seventeen-year-old Delilah Jones got tricked into entering a dance contest. Sort of like dancing with the stars, only turns out it more like dancing with a vampire. Now what's she going to do? To find out more, Click on the cover of DANCING WITH A VAMPIRE and read a few chapters.

ELECTRIFIED: A YA URBAN FANTASY. Poor Mira, how did she know she was going to get electrified when she followed her missing little brother's trail to New York Electric? Now she's got to find him and figure out what to do about her new power without hurting somebody. And who and what are the Seducca and why are they after her. To find out more, Click on the cover of ELECTRIFIED and read a few chapters...

HOW I BECAME A WIMBLEDON BALL GIRL, MET THE QUEEN, AND FOUND THE BOY OF MY DREAMS.  Sixteen-year-old Sarah Jane Witherspoon would sooner date a toad then live in London her junior year, but when her father takes a teaching job there, she and mother and brother are forced to follow. To get in with the in-crowd in this sports romance, she's forced to join the competition to become a ball girl at the most prestigious event in tennis—Wimbledon—even though she’s tall and lanky and uncoordinated.Then there's the Queen and the boy of her dreams, but you'll have to click on the cover of the book and start reading to find that out...

JANE EYRE, BEWARE. In this coming of age school romance, seventeen-year-old Jane Lloyd not only has to star in JANE EYRE, she has to stop boys who are groping girls at her school, but if she follows through, her actions could cost her admission to Columbia University and a chance to uphold family tradition. What will she do? To find out more, click on the cover and read a few chapters. Maybe you'll have some advice for Jane.

VIRGO RISING. It's 2047 in this YA sci fi dystopian adventure and sixteen-year-old Tyler Haden joins the Rebel Alliance to stop her environment from being poisoned and end the useless violence in her community; if she fails, she'll have her brain wiped clean of all memories and her town, the last city in the US of A will be destroyed. What a decision... To find out more, click on the cover and read a few chapters...

We're dying to know what are your favorite books and what kinds of plots you love to read.

Comment below and share your ideas with us and win a free e-book of your choice!

Come on. Don't be shy. We know you have great ideas!

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  1. I love Harry Potter (the whole series). I am a fan of all genres of books, as long as the book has an interesting plot and great characters. Other favorites: Pillars of the Earth, The Glass Castle, The Red Tent, The House of Sand and Fog, and the list goes on!