Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NEW WOMEN'S FICTION E-Books available for Kindle, phone and more...

Do you like to read romance and other women's fiction?

We have several that may appeal to you.

LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING is a contemporary romance about a young woman trying to find her place in the world and the right man to share it with. For a description and sample chapters click on the cover of LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING to your right.

THAT"S AMORE is a romantic comedy about two psychologists who can't seem to get their own relationship right, until their two little cherubs try to help, and so do their parents, and even Mom's old boyfriend, to disastrous results. To read a longer description and sample chapters, scroll down and click on the cover of the THAT'S AMORE to your right.

UNFORGETTABLE is a contemporary romance told with humor. When Mark and Mandy say goodbye to their last child, they are excited, until they realize they now have to get to know each other all over. When their older daughter announces she's getting married and is involved with two men, they high tail it up to upstate New York and dive in head first. For a more detailed description and sample chapters, click on the cover of UNFORGETTABLE to your right.  

ESCAPING THE FIRE is a historical romance and adventure set in 1669 in Spain, aboard a ship pirates take over, and also in the New World during the Salem witch trials. For a more detailed description and sample chapters, scroll down the book covers to your right until you find ESCAPING THE FIRE.

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